Koboldy Go

The Bargain of the Orchard

My companions and I, having unfortunately slain the crown-bearing Kobold, discussed our following actions. It seemed best to explore deeper into the passageways of the castle. We found nothing much of evidence, until emerging into the stables. One of the king’s great warhorses had trapped a band of Kobolds in a corner. Whilst the besotted stable-hand slept nearby, despite the noise. (No doubt he had begun his own celebrations earlier.)

Astonishingly, these Kobolds could speak and seemed to have some intelligence. They also carried bags of the king’s apples. A few words from our silver tongued leader lead to a truce, of sorts. Pending approval from the King (or rather, his steward) the Kobolds would be given the task of caring for the orchards, and in return should be under the protection of His Majesty.

A drought and the necessity of harvesting the orchards for the feast had lead the the Kobolds to their burglarous acts. We hope that the new arrangement will solve the matter for all without further bloodshed. (Though this could be a tenuous arrangement, given the Kobolds’ propensity for ‘Shiny Hats’.)

Regardless, upon settling the matter with the King’s Steward Keane (and upon receiving payment for the task) we are led to the Kobold home by Butters, one of those hapless few we came upon in the stable.

Here we meet their elder, Old Face, a friendly wizened Kobold. We learn that he and his people are of the ‘Old’ Kobolds and are much smarter than the new one. He assists us in translating the old scrolls we found earlier, and recounts the old tale of the Stone Wizards.

Of the scrolls: the first is a ritual designed to ‘keep a dragon from breathing on you’. The second is an account of the demon Niotax and the dragon Serlosh. The third is a ‘word map’ – directions to a dragon’s lair in the Dragonsong Mountains.

Ah! The Dragonsong Mountains! I hope our band will journey to them! They surely hold some mysteries, even if the dragon’s lair is but a tale. And perhaps there will be word of my father, who was lost climbing them years ago.

-Fargrim, Runepriest of Stonedeep and member of Koboldly Go



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